Warriors of the Shining Star Demo 1.

Wow, putting in the keyboard controls went faster than I thought. I highly recommend playing with a 360 controller. The game was designed for it. Playing with the keyboard is an exercise in aggravation.

So here is the demo.

Also if you need it here is the XNA framework from Microsoft. You will need DirextX9 and possibly .net 2.0 as well.

Warriors of the Shining Star is meant to be a fun action shooter; very much like Robotron or Gauntlet with a bit of RPG elements added in. Right now it has more action elements than RPG elements but they will come.

Controls are simple (with a 360 controller).

  • Left Stick – moves.
  • Right Stick - shoots.
  • Right shoulder is you special ability. The Warrior class starts with Discipline, slow motion mode.
  • A Button – Selects

Left/Right DPad – changes weapons (demo only has one active weapon)

With the keyboard:

  • WASD – is the Left stick.
  • IJKL – is the Right stick.
  • E or Enter – is the A Button
  • Z/C – changes weapons.

There are two executables in the rar file: the normal one runs at 1024×768 and the second at 640×480. There are some performance considerations at 1024×768 as some of the shaders I am using can cause you to become very fill limited, especially the ground for near the beginning.

In the demo level there are two weapon power ups that will help greatly if you can find them. There really is no set end to the demo, but the flame thrower miner is meant to be a kind of mini-end boss.

Also the audio is almost completely untouched; I have put in the sound system but don’t really use it for more than the shooting sound. Also please ignore the temp art.

Have fun.

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  2. Alexandre says:

    That is really nice. Any chance you will release the source code for that demo? I would really love to use the 3d isometric – kind of engine for a project of mine.

  3. tmauer says:

    I probably will release the source at some point. Right now it is just too unfinished to let someone use, it might drive them mad. Or at least make them mad at me for wasting their time. If there is anything specific you have a question about feel free to post it.

  4. Alexandre says:

    hehe alright :) Well i will keep your blog in my bookmark and check every now and then see if you released something!

    I have tons of questions but I don’t want to waste too much of your time… I’m kinda curious about the map format for your game. Is it some custom format you created or are you using some of the more common map format like bsp? Or just one big mesh .x or .3ds or something like that?

    Also, does your engine support unlimited lighting source? I think it was really cool to see the hallway light up dynamically when a light source travels through it.

    Good work!

  5. Thomas Mauer says:

    The map format is custom for my game. In fact I have a custom editor for my game (the editor is the real reason I would not want someone seeing this code, it is a piece of crap.). The map file format is just objects serialized to XML. It is a very grid based affair. I have some .x files that define a tile and each grid can have a tile assigned to it. Since I’m not much of an artist it lets me make a few pieces of terrain and reuse the hell out of them.

    The engine supports only dynamic lighting, but it can handle up to 16 currently. I need to work on it a little bit, you can see the fog has lots of issues right at the beginning, it is the best lights function popping for some reason. The big sacrifice for the high number of lights was dropping support for things like bump mapping that have a high per pixel cost.

    Also in the engine although it is difficult to see unless you look for it is distortion effects (look at the fire or the miners weapons to see it best) and volumetric effects (makes it so that billboarded particles never intersect a wall, they seem to fade into it).

  6. Alexandre says:

    That sounds sweet actually, I like the fact that the format is tile-based and serialized in xml, it makes it much easier to understand and work with I bet. And it suits isometric games perfectly. The one I want to start is a diablo-like game.

    I would love to help you out with the map editor if you want. Hell my brother is the tool architect for the game Assassin’s Creed he could give you pointers I’m sure :) (I have never seen a tool as complex as that)

    Are you still working actively on this project or just a bit here and there?
    Sorry if I’m posting too much hehe

  7. Thomas Mauer says:

    I too work on games professionally. Probably why I’m so embarrassed about the editor as I’ve made real editors before.

    Warriors is a project I work on when I want to be the one calling the shots on design, at work you are usually making someone else’s vision with some of your ideas in the mix. So I only get to work on it a bit here and there. To give you an idea I started on it last December. There were about 7 months in there where I did not touch it at all.

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