War and Tactics in Space!

I have not been posting because I have been working on my top secret project for the Dream Build Play competition: Space War Tactics! The Dream Build Play competition is a series of game development competitions centered on a Microsoft product called Game Studio Express. Many of you have probably seen what will be my entry for the main portion of the contest: Warriors of the Shining Star.

For the first part of their contest they gave everyone two weeks to make a mod of their Space Wars demo. I decided that their demo seemed like a sub game to a larger game. To that end I decided to make the larger game (or at least as much of it as two weeks will allow). Inspired by Advanced Wars I made a tactical layer on top of the existing combat system. You build your fleet up and with it capture bases and fight the other teams.

With only me to work on it I will probably be beat out in the competition by larger teams who can make more content than I can. Ahh well. But it was definitely fun to work on. Now I just need to wrangle together four people so I can play a larger game of it, the AI is a little easy to beat after a few games.

You can download it here.


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  1. Pocketmnky says:

    Downloaded and played it brother; an excellent effort. I was reminded of StarControl II which is a major compliment.

    I forgot to build bigger and bigger ships as I captured factories, so I got my butt kicked; but otherwise a very fun time.

    GL with DBP.

  2. Matt Rix says:

    Very cool game, I was actually quite impressed! I played a couple games and it was a lot of fun. It’s a good mix of strategy and action.

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  4. Marko says:

    Finally got it working, I had no XNA runtime installed and thus couldn’t get it work first :)

    The game felt really nice, good mix of action and strategy, though I’d try to redesign the UI somewhat (e.g. it’s sometimes hard to spot your fleet that is in same square with station). Also, I was playing with PC and keyboard, thus controls felt somewhat awkward but with a real XBox controller that should not be a case. Anyways, I really enjoyed the game (played 3 or 4) and cannot wait to try it with a real human opponent :)

  5. Wes says:

    Downloaded it and played it. This was a very entertaining game, especially with less than two weeks of work. I’m making a game with a very similar action/strategy twist (think advance wars meets gunbound) and this game was very good motivation for me as far as what can be reasonably easily done in XNA. Thank you.

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