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Does Samus Live on Norion?

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

My 4 year old son just ask me in his most serious voice, “Does Samus live on Norion?”  I was not sure whether to laugh or tell him she just visits Norion.

He asked much like I would have asked does Micky Mouse live in the Magic Kingdom when I was his age.  Mario and Link are his Saturday morning cartoons.  He wanted to be Luigi for Halloween.  He might watch one TV show every month or so.  He would rather play Nintendo or play games on the computer.

Someone had better make a theme park based on games for his generation…

The scariest part is how much he is learning while playing these games.  Because many of them require the ability to read, he can now read.  I don’t mean a couple words, I mean words he has never seen before and figure out what they mean kind of reading. 

The other strange thing that has happened is in reguard to some of the characters that you of I would call “TV characters”.  He has never seen them on TV.  He is probably more familiar with the versions in flash based web games on sites like than he is with the TV version.  To him the TV show is almost an ad for the web site, not the other way around.

Anyway he is asking to play on the web right now so I’d better get going…