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Game in a Week, Week1

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Clearly I got no work done on the Ludum Dare.  Instead I got to work on the flu, as usual I did good work, nuff said.  My main reason for wanting to do the dare was just to get something simple done with Unity, just to learn the tools.

So now I figure I’ll write a game in the evenings.  I usually have about an hour I can be productive in the evenings.  This should be enough time for something simple.  I also want something I can finish.  Or something that has rules that will make me finish.  So enter the Game in a Week!

I set a couple of ground rules for myself:

  1. Be done in a week with a finished game, presentable. (or as close to finished as I can get it)
  2. At the end of every night have something playable.

So I decided to make a breakout clone, figured I could finish it in a week.  yeah right….

Day 1

Started out simple, I have a working paddle and a bouncing ball.  Wanted to figure out how to make a build as well.  Plays best with an xbox controller if you have one.  Keyboard works ok as well.  Ctrl key to fire.

Play it here.

Day 2

I added the blocks.  Can’t have breakout without blocks.  I also wanted to know how Unity handled scene loads etc.  So I added a level select and three levels.  Also added simple game rules so the game would end and get you back to level select.

In addition I added bounce direction control to the paddle so you can aim your shots a little better.  I opted to go for  a simpler model for aiming, so the incoming angle of the ball is not taken into account.  This will make it a little different from traditional Breakout, but maybe a little easier to aim.  Also space bar now works to fire.

Play it here.

Day 3

Played around with adding a skybox and simple materials, yellow blocks in this case.  Added a victory and defeat screen.  I’m not a huge fan of the UI system in Unity, without a decent layout tool it is a pain to iterate on.  It has plenty of great functionality.  It is just hard to layout without graph paper.

My son also requested blocks with multiple hit point, so now we have them too.

Play it here.

Day 4

Added in a scoring system including a combo system and multiplier system.  Hud improvements will be needed to really finish this feature.  Can you get Unstoppable combo!

Also the ball is now red and has a trail effect.

Play it here.

Day 5

Did not have a lot of time this evening, just added in a better HUD.  Not a huge fan of it art wise, but it is better than it was.  Maybe I’ll have time to fix it up later.

Play it here.

Day 6

Added Materials for everything and two more levels.

Play it here.

Day 7

Ok last day.  I added the last 4 levels and Audio.  The Audio sounds kind of funny because I’m recording it using the microphone built into my laptop.  At the same time I am whispering because I don’t wake up my wife or son who are both sleeping.

Play it here.

A ton a feature were cut to get this done;

  • Powerups – really wanted these.
  • Exp system and paddle upgrades
  • Unlockable Levels
  • Music!
  • More Particle FX – well actually an FX at all….
  • A title screen, can’t believe I forgot this….
  • Better Block types, exploding bombs, etc..
  • Enemies of some type.
  • Some kind of secret area.
  • Fixed some of the edge cases where a ball can get stuck.  This is currently a game ender.

Maybe at some point I’ll come back to this game and do some of these things.  Also would not mind fixing the awful audio and the terrible graphics…

Ludum Dare: Post 1

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Started work on Stuff Hunters.  I will try to make a build every hour or so I’m working on it.  I suspect I have bitten off more than I can chew.

Build 1 – if you can call it that.